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AmnioFix modulates inflammation, reduces scar tissue formation, and enhances healing

Is AmnioFix right for me?
You and your doctor may consider AmnioFix as an option if: You have been diagnosed with an injury resulting in inflammation, have been using a conservative treatment such as anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, and bracing that have not provided symptomatic relief of inflammation, or if you want a non-steroidal option or have reached your limit of steroid injections.

How can AmnioFix help my injury?
Conservative treatments of oral or topical anti-inflammatories and rest usually will help heal inflammation resulting from injury. If additional treatment is needed, your doctor may recommend AmnioFix. AmnioFix contains naturally occurring growth factors for homologous use* to modulate inflammation, reduce scar tissue formation, and enhance healing.

* Homologous use means the tissue performs the same basic function or functions in the recipient as in the donor.

Treatment information
How do I prepare for a treatment? You will be scheduled for an evaluation and consultation to determine if AmnioFix is a viable treatment option for you. The entire AmnioFix treatment process is very short and is generally performed on an outpatient basis.

How do I care for my treatment site? The site might appear red and be tender to the touch. You may apply ice and elevation as needed. Initially, the procedure may cause some localized soreness and discomfort; this may last 2-3 days. If you have questions following your treatment, please consult your doctor.

What happens after my treatment? Your physician may prescribe some rehabilitation exercises or direct you to a rehabilitation facility. For AmnioFix to work optimally, it is important that you follow the physician directed post-treatment care.

What are growth factors?
Growth factors are powerful agents that our bodies produce to signal cells to come to the target site, help the site to heal, and help your own cells regenerate the damaged tissue. AmnioFix contains some of the most important growth factors needed for healing.

Which growth factors are in AmnioFix?
There have been 226 different growth factors, specialized cytokines, and enzyme inhibitors identified in AmnioFix. The following are some of the most notable regulatory factors that help enhance healing:

  • Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-B)
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF)
  • Platelet Derived Growth Factor A & B (PDGF AA & BB)

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